Sarah Harris, how the model’s choice to be more feminine led to four years of hell

Sarah Harris has talked about how she was in terrible pain for years after getting breast implants.

Sarah Harris has talked about how she was in terrible pain for years after getting breast implants.

A former Playboy model talked about how she had terrible pain, rashes, and hair loss for years after getting breast implants to go from a C cup to a DD cup.

Sarah Harris, from New Zealand, had an explant surgery on June 16 to remove the “toxic” silicone because it was making her very sick. She had joint pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, migraines, acne, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, and food intolerances, among other things.

She was only 21 years old when she had a lump taken out of her chest. This left her with an A cup that was not the same size as her C cup.

She says that after getting a breast augmentation, she had strange symptoms that were so bad that she had to stay in bed.

The now-29-year-old woman is one of a group of women who think they have Breast Implant Illness (BII), but it’s not a real medical condition.

But Breast Implant Removal Australia doctors say that just because there isn’t a direct, scientifically proven link doesn’t mean that the symptoms these patients are feeling aren’t real.

Sarah wrote a long post on Instagram to tell her story and warn other women about the possible bad effects of breast implants.

The woman in the picture, who is 29 years old, had her breast implants taken out earlier this month.

“They took away my health.”

She said, “The silicone in my chest doesn’t make me who I am.”

“Yet, it did. I thought for a long time that my happiness and success were based on how big my breasts were. Until they took away my health.”

Sarah said that her condition got worse and worse until she had an explant procedure to get rid of the silicone.

“The last four years have been hell because I chose to be more “feminine” when I was 21. I can now see that this was a very bad way to think,” she said.

“Up until now, I’ve lived in a superficial world. It will take time, but I’m ready to let go of the weight of constant comparison and insecurities and fall in love with my amazing body.”

There’s something so freeing about the idea of going back to where you were meant to be.”

The model said she never wanted implants, but she decided to get surgery at the young age of 21 after a procedure to remove a lump left her breasts uneven.

“I wanted implants that were the same size as my natural breasts,” she said in 2017, adding that she ended up with DD cups instead.

After she got really sick on June 16, she had an explant surgery to remove the “toxic” silicone.

I couldn’t get out of bed some days.

Sarah said that the pain in her joints got so bad over the years that she had to have hip surgery in 2020.

She said, “But it didn’t help.”

“Some days, my boyfriend Josh has to help me get out of bed because I can’t do it on my own. I’m fine most of the time.” My hair falls out in clumps, and I often get rashes all over my body. I now have pain in my joints, constant tiredness, anxiety, and migraines every day. I’m now allergic to a long list of things, including tin and lead, among others.

As the years went by, her health got much worse, but no one knew why.

“None of my tests gave me a clear answer,” she said.

“I kept looking everywhere. I wasn’t ready to heal. Even though I felt like I was going to die, I still cared more about how I looked than how I felt.

Sarah said last month that an infrared camera scan showed she had “more inflammation” than some breast cancer patients at the clinic.

She said, “That’s when I finally woke up.”

After she got really sick on June 16, she had an explant surgery to remove the “toxic” silicone.

‘Feeling like I was dying’

Sarah said that after getting an explant, she “feels so much better” because she decided to “change my life forever.”

“Do I feel bad about things? “No, I was a hurt, impressionable girl at the time, and it was exactly what I wanted,” she said.

“I really believe that I had to go through this pain so that I could share my story and help other people learn that they are enough.”

I want to remind you to love yourself for the things that really make you beautiful, not for how big your breasts are. No matter how you feel, and I’ve been there, you are beautiful and enough.”

Sarah wanted other women who are thinking about getting breast implants to “learn from my mistakes” by telling her story.

“Learn from what I did wrong.”

She also said, “Learn from my mistakes as I start this healing journey.”

Breast Implants Women with breast implants use the word “illness” to describe a wide range of symptoms, such as fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, chronic pain, rash, anxiety, brain fog, trouble sleeping, depression, neurological problems, and hormonal problems.

There is no conclusive epidemiological evidence to support a direct link between breast implants and a specific disease process, so BII is not an official medical diagnosis.

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